I was born in Southern Spain.

I studied an MA Illustration at EINA, Barcelona in 2007 and live in that city since, working as a professional illustrator.

In 2017 I published Bea baila (Diana dances) in Spain. It was my first children’s book as an author and illustrator. It’s been edited in the USA, France, Italy, Turkey, and Russia.

I’ve just published my second book as an author and illustrator, Sirena de piedra (Stone Siren)  in Spain by Tres Tigres tristes.

I collaborate regularly with newspapers, magazines and editorials worldwide.

Some other books I’ve published as an illustrator:

Operation Alphabet, 2011, Thames and Hudson in the UK, USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands.
Best 2011 Foreign Book Award Junceda, held by the Catalonian Association of Illustrators (APIC).

I don’t like snakes, Walker Book,
2014. USA, UK and Australia.

The bonsai pruner, Tres tigres tristes, 2015,  Spain and France.

I’ve edited Una vaca and Burro el origen with
A buen paso Ed.

My work reflects a strong sense of colour and texture, a frequent use of traditional techniques, and an undercurrent of subtle humour running throughout.


For children picture book enquiries
in the UK, Canada and the US
please contact
Kirsten Hall at Catbird Agency

For adult editorial enquiries in the UK,
please contact
Mark at Eyecandy

For all other enquiries,
drop me a line here 

You can also find me on instagram

©Luciano Lozano