Words and illustration Luciano Lozano

Akiara Books, Spain,
Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese editions
March 2021

Tancho is the Japanese for crane.

Every year little Tancho would run to the window when it started to snow to see whether the cranes had arrived. But one year there were just one couple left. Tancho started to feed them ans so, year after year the number of cranes increased. Before leaving, the cranes would thank Tancho singing and dancing for him. 

This books tells the story of Mr. Yoshitaka Ito, a farmer who saved cranes from extinction in Japan. Later he was named Cranes Guardian at the request of Hokkaido government, and devotedly supported cranes conservation.

With clean stroke illustrations and winter colours that evoke Japanese engravings, this book talks about perfect harmony and deep respect for Nature.

©Luciano Lozano